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Shabbat Schedule

Shabbat Parshat Behar

May 24-25

Iyar 20, 5779


Friday May 24, 34th Day of the Omer

Candle Lighting  at  7:56 PM

7:00 PM: Pre-Shabbat kugel and l'chaim 

7:30 PM: Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv (At Ma'ariv we count the 35th day of the Omer)

Shabbat May 25, 35th Day of the Omer

8:15 AM: Rabbi Greer's Class

9:00 AM: Shachrit/Mussaf

10:45 AM: Youth play

11:30 PM: Bat Mitzva of Molly, Sydney and Giselle Mann.  MAZEL TOV!!!!

12:00 PM: Special kiddush sponsored by Susan Wolman and Steven Mann celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of their dear children, Sydney, Molly and Giselle.May they continue to grow to a life of Torah and chesed.  Mazel Tov!!!

7:30 PM: Mincha

8:00 PM: Seudah shilshit

8:50 PM: Ma'ariv (At Ma'ariv we count the 36th day of the Omer)

Shabbat Concludes/Havdala at 9:05 PM


Sun, May 26 2019 21 Iyyar 5779