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Purim 2021

This year we also intend to have an exciting, fun time but with some alterations ensuring a safe and comfortable holiday for all. There are four key mitzvot necessary to perform on Purim Day, Friday, February 26. Additionally, we need to hear the Megilla on Thursday evening, February 25. Please read below to discover how to fulfill the manifold good deeds required on this most joyous holiday.

Megilla Reading

One needs to listen to the megilla, once in the evening of Purim and again in the morning. We will hear the story of our nation's near annihilation by the wicked Haman and his henchmen and their fortuitous salvation under the leadership of Mordechai and Esther with G-d orchestrating seemingly coincidental events "behind the scenes." We will read the Megilla at the shul on Thursday evening, February 25 at 8:15 PM PROMPTLY (shul opens at 8:00 PM) and again on Friday morning at 8:15 AM PROMPTLY (shul opens at 8:00 AM). Costumes are encouraged! Please remember that masks (the non-costume sort!) and physical distancing are mandatory at MKHC! Please click here to sign up for Megilla reading.

If you cannot attend megilla reading and would like a "private" reading from a safe distance, please contact at your earliest convenience Rabbi Greer at to arrange.

We will not host the traditional post-megilla buffet. We hope to provide a light "grab and go" snack to enhance your Purim experience!

Matanot Laevyonim

Everyone should be able to properly celebrate Purim!  The second beautiful mitzvah of Purim ensures that every individual gives at least the amount of a small meal to at least two indigent people. This amount is calculated at a minimum of $5 per poor person for a total obligation of $10 to fulfill this mitzvah (of course, you can add to this amount.) This money will be distributed on Purim day, Friday, February 26 by Rabbi Greer to worthy folks. 

Please click here to make your payment via credit card through our website and write "Purim money" in the payment note. Please note that these funds are not a donation to the shul.


We all must enjoy a festive meal (with washing for bread) with much merriment and happiness on Purim day, Friday, February 26. Regretfully, this year, we will have to accomplish this in our own homes as we will not be able to enjoy that fantastic brunch while listening to the megilla. So, please prepare accordingly and don't forget to offer a special toast to your friends and family of MKHC!

Mishloach Manot

This fourth mitzvah to be performed on Purim day serves to bring us together and increase among us feelings of community and friendship. Everyone must give a present to someone else of at least two food items on Purim day, Friday, February 26. We would like to do this in a safe fashion both from the perspective of COVID-19 and kashrut and strive to spread Purim cheer to all of our members and friends. Queen Esther needs YOU! We are organizing a COVID-19 friendly Mishlaoch Manot distribution and also assist everyone to perform this special and fun mitzvah. MKHC asks everyone to volunteer to purchase and distribute a gift bag to at least one other individual on Purim day to spread Purim cheer and continue our sense of community, especially during this difficult year. Please fill out the following document to sign up for this exciting effort.   

Upon picking up your package(s), you will be given the name(s) and address(es) of the people to which you will deliver the Mishloach Manot. Please note that all deliveries must be made while wearing masks and feel free to either hand the package directly to the recipient or to leave the package at their door. Also, in observance of COVID-19 and kashrut guidelines, please DO NOT add anything to the gift bags. 

MKHC is grateful to Robin Tanzman for subsidizing these Mishloach Manot in memory of the fifth yahrziet of her dear husband, Teddy Miller OB"M.   

Please click here to sign up.  I hope that everyone will participate in this COVID-friendly venture and allow all to enjoy some Purim atmosphere even in a pandemic!

Tue, March 2 2021 18 Adar 5781