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Purim Schedule

On Wednesday, March 20 we will celebrate the Fast of Esther, commemorating the fast that the Jews kept on the thirteenth of Adar as they prepared to fight against Haman and his henchmen in the Purim story.  Also, Queen Esther requested that all the Jews fast as she prepared to enter King Achashveirosh's chamber unannounced to plead for him to revoke the evil decree against the Jewish nation.   Although this event occurred during the month of Nissan (It actually happened during the first days of Pesach), we commemorate those perilous days for a nation right before Purim.

All those above bar and bas mitzvah should refrain from eating or drinking from dawn on Wednesday morning until after the reading of the megilla.  (If you will hear the megilla late in the night than one may break the fast at 7:47 PM Aside from food and drink there are no other prohibitions on Ta'anit Esther.)  

As always, those who are ill, even slightly, should seek rabbinic guidance. 

While this is not a day of mourning, it is a day set aside for prayer, introspection and beseeching G-d to save us from our present exile.   


Schedule for Ta'anit Esther and Purim

Wednesday, March 20 (Ta'anit Esther)

Fast begins at 5:46 AM 

6:45 PM: Mincha/Torah reading

7:15 PM: Ma'ariv

On Ta'anit Esther there is a custom to give three half-dollar coins to charity to remember the half-shekel donation each Jew was mandated to give to the Temple every year during the month of Adar.  MKHC will have half-dollar coins available for purchase at cost value before and during the megilla reading.

7:30 PM: Megillat Esther

8:10 PM: Refreshments/Purim festivities/Wine tasting/Magic show 

Thursday, March 21 (Purim Day)

7:30-7:50 AM: Early Megilla reading

8:00-8:45 AM: Shachrit/Torah reading 

8:45 AM: Gourmet breakfast (Special Purim meal)

8:45 AM: Regular Megilla Reading 

There are four commandments that should be performed on Purim, listening to the megilla twice, at night and at day, having a festive meal, giving at least two gifts of food to one other person and providing the value of a small meal (around $5.00) to at least two indigent individuals (for a total of $10.00).  The latter three items should be performed on Purim day.  Of course, these are only minimum amounts!!!! The more you give-the merrier!

During the breakfast, we will have shalach manot available for purchase (which you then can give to someone else) to enable everyone to fulfill the mitzvah of shalach manot and we will also collect money to be distributed on Purim day to fulfill the mitzvah of mattanot l'evyonim gifts to the poor.  Feel free to bring your own shalach manot! (packaged food with a kosher symbol preferred!)

If you require a private megilla reading, please feel free to contact Rabbi Greer at so that he can arrange an alternative reading.

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Mon, May 27 2019 22 Iyyar 5779