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Pesach Seder

   Red Wine (Per person in group)
   White Wine (Per person in group)
   Grape Juice (Per person in group)
   Hand Matzah
   Machine Matzah
 (Sponsorship will allow you 1 free family reservation)

1. Please do not bring ANY of your own food or drink to the community seder.

2. Seder will start at 830 PM, Saturday night, April 20th

3. We respectfully request that the honor of the holiday be upheld, and refrain from using electronic devices during the seder.

4. Fancy modest cocktail attire recommended

5. As dinner will not be served immediately, be sure to have a snack in the late afternoon.

We give our tremendous gratitude to Peter and Susan Grunthal for their generous sponsorship toward the Seder.
Wed, May 18 2022 17 Iyyar 5782